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The Digital Storyteller is the next generation writer, photographer and artist.   Erica considers digital media her canvas, and Twitter, Instagram, CMS, and more her palette.  Through dynamic storytelling she creates and coordinates ideas and engages interest to an audience around the world, whether behind the scenes as an editorial consultant or in the trenches creating campaigns.  In 2018, she voices #ExperienceRome, TurismoRoma and the City of Rome's social media campaign on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Since 2014, Erica, along with Darius Arya, have an ongoing and voluntary collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Culture by hosting a series of cultural instameets based on the #EmptyMuseum concept and designed to bring the world into Italy's galleries, museums and sites. A bilingual Italian and English speaker, Erica has been featured as an expert, influencer and Instagram pioneer in La Repubblica, BBC Travel, Buzzfeed, CNN International, The Guardian, and many more.  She's unveiled Italy secrets on the Travel Channel Metropolis series.  Additionally, Erica shares expertise and ideas as Featured Speaker at events, workshops and conferences for projects including Mastercard Italia (2017), Design Hotels (2015),  UNESCO Heritage Candidacy: Alba (2015), and Unlisted (2013). For a glimpse into her expertise, Peroni features her in an in-depth interview on travel and social media.


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